Alumnus Yoni Kahn Wins APS DFP Dissertation Award

April 13, 2016

Yonatan (Yoni) Kahn received the 2016 J.J. and Noriko Sakurai Dissertation Award in Theoretical Physics from the American Physical Society.  The award will be made at the Division of Particles and Fields Meeting in Salt Lake City on April 17, 2016.  Yoni is a 2009 graduate of the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, BA in Physics.  His undergraduate research at Northwestern was under the direction of Prof. Michael Schmitt

Kahn's dissertation was with Jesse Thaler at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the APS award cites the work "For proposing a novel method to detect dark photons, for developing halo-independent techniques of direct dark matter detection, and for finding a new viable supersymmetric extension of the standard model."

This is the second J.J. and Noriko Sakurai Dissertation Award to go to a Northwestern alumnus in the past five years.  The 2014 Award went to Ph.D. graduate Roberto Vega-Morales.