Business Office Resources

The Business Office provides support for research administration, reimbursement approval, procurement and payroll for undergraduate students, graduate students and research staff.

Northwestern University has specific policies regarding these items, and those policies must be followed. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the Dean’s office.


All requests for the purchase of lab equipment and supplies are handled by Julia Blend. All order requests should go to

Each email must have the requisition order form attached. Please include the specifics of your order and verify the chartstring with your PI prior to placing the order.

Expense Reports and Reimbursements

If you have never traveled before, please see your faculty support assistant prior to traveling.

We recommend that all travelers work with your designated faculty support assistant when entering in your report. Please use the “Save for Later” feature so that any errors may be corrected by the Academic Coordinator. Once everything is in order, you will receive an email requesting electronic certification of the report.

  • All travel and entertainment guidelines must be followed.
  • All air travel should be done through the Egencia portal which allows direct billing, or booked through an approved travel agency.
  • Any air travel that is not booked through Egencia and is charged to a grant must follow the Fly America Act and the Open Skies Agreement.
  • For graduate students and research staff, your expense report must be signed by your advisor and uploaded into the online expense report portal.
  • All receipts must be uploaded.
  • The use of per diem for meals and incidentals is recommended – please attach the supporting documentation (you may only claim 75% of the per diem on the first and last day of travel and you are allowed to claim less per diem than allowed). Foreign per diem can be found here.
  • All amounts are entered in U.S. dollars; please use the OANDA portal for converting your currency (please see your faculty support assistants about how this should be completed).
  • All hardcopies and receipts must be turned into the Academic Office for review.
  • Please include the agenda from your research meeting/conference.
  • More information regarding grant policies can be found on the ASRSP (Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs) webpage. 


For all payroll issues, please see the Business Office. Graduate students and research staff are paid on the last business day of each month.