High Energy Physics

Title: SuperNEMO and the mystery of matter

Speaker: Cheryl Patrick, University College London

Abstract: Why does the universe exist? Or rather - how did we end up with a universe made of matter, when matter and antimatter are created together? The SuperNEMO experiment is hoping to find some clues to this puzzle, by looking for neutrinoless double-beta decay. If this decay exists, it has a half-life billions of times longer than the age of the universe - and it creates matter without antimatter, giving us a possible mechanism for the matter-antimatter asymmetry. I will introduce your to our detector, under construction in the Modane tunnel in the French Alps, and explain how we will use our unique tracker-calorimeter architecture to make ultra-low background measurements of the double-beta decay rate and look for the elusive neutrinoless decay.



Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, HEP


Giordan Stark: ATLAS topic

April 30, 2018, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Title: ATLAS topic

Speaker: Giordan Stark, University of Chicago




Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, HEP

Title: “The MEG II Experiment: status and perspective”

Speaker: Luca Galli (INFN-Pisa)

Abstract: The MEG experiment, designed to search for the μ → eγ decay, completed data-taking in 2013 and set an upper limit on the process ≤ 4.2 × 10−13 @ 90% C.L.. In order to increase the sensitivity reach of the experiment by an order of magnitude to the level of 6×10e−14, a total upgrade, involving substantial changes to the experiment, has been undertaken, known as MEG II.
After giving an overview of the published MEG result, I present both the motivation for the upgrade and a detailed overview of the design of the experiment and commissioning status.



Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, HEP