John Ketterson Fayerweather Professor / Joint with Electrical Engineering

Condensed Matter Research 

Our program currently involves studies of: the dynamic (microwave) response of nano-structured ferromagnetic metals and compounds such as permalloy and yttrium iron garnet (YIG), particularly as it involves spin waves or the spin Hall and related effects; superconducting devices based on the Josephson effects in the presence of ferromagnetic constituents; and nonlinear optical properties of thin film and patterned nanostructures. Opportunities are available to pursue projects at both the undergraduate and graduate level involving the manipulation of nanoparticles using the laser tweezers technique.

Ketterson is also Director of the Magnetic and Physical Properties Measurement Facility, a non-profit laboratory that provides highly accurate measurements of magnetization, magnetic susceptibility, microwave absorption, thermal transport, and other properties to researchers in physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, and geology.

AMOP Research

For a number of years the Ketterson group has studied the properties long-lived excitons at high density in the material cuprous oxide with special emphasis on macroscopic coherence displayed by exciton-polaritons. Other interests include i) laser tweezers (with special emphasis on potential biological applications), ii) plasmonic properties of metal films and nanostructures and iii) studies the non linear optical properties of a wide variety of materials including semiconductors and organic compounds.

In addition to these materials-based studies we have initiated a program to trap and study cold rubidium atoms in the presence of evanescent waves propagating at a prism vacuum interface.

For demonstration purposes, a setup has been constructed that confines rubidium atoms in a magneto optical trap (MOT). 

Magnetic and Physical Properties Measurement Facility

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, American Physical Society
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Selected Publications

  • K. Rivkin and J. B. Ketterson
    Magnetization Reversal In The Anisotropy-Dominated Regime Using Time-Dependent Magnetic Fields
    Applied Physics Letters 89, 252507 (2006)
  • J. I. Jang, Y. Sun, B. Watkins, et al.
    Bound Excitons in Cu2O: Efficient Internal Free Exciton Detector
    Physical Review B74, 235204 (2006)
  • S. E. Shafranjuk and J. B. Ketterson
    Josephson Plasmon Versus Amplitude Modes In A Superconducting Tunnel Junction
    Physical Review B74, 172501 (2006)
  • J. J. Lee, M. Y. Kim, Y. Cui, et al.
    Room Temperature Ferromagnetism Of Ge/MnAs Digital Alloys
    Journal Of Superconductivity 18, 75 (2005)
  • Z. G. Yin, H. T. Zhang, D. M. Goodner, et al.
    Two-Dimensional Growth of Continuous Cu2O Thin Films By Magnetron Sputtering
    Applied Physics Letters 86, 061901 (2005)