Major, Minor and Honors

New: Special Section and Course Sequence Information

There will be a special section of 135-1/2/3 (Fall/Winter/Spring) for prospective physics majors and minors. Others who are interested in learning physics in more depth may also attend. This section is at 9am MWF.  Permission is required and may be obtained from Yassaman Shemirani.

A new course sequence, Phys 211-1/2 (Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences), will be offered starting in Fall 2016. The DUS will waive the Math 240/250/351 requirements for those who take this two-course sequence.

A new course, Phys 239-0 (Fundamentals of Modern Physics) will be offered starting in Spring 2017. This course is required for physics majors and minors starting with the Class of 2020, and also for students from previous classes who elect to follow the revised requirements.