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Heidi Schellman

Adjunct Professor; Professor and Chair, Department of Physics, Oregon State University

PhD, University of California at Berkeley, 1984

Heidi Schellman studies the strong and weak interactions of quarks and leptons. She is working on several experimental projects at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory:

  • The NuTeV experiment scatters neutrinos and antineutrinos from a 680-ton iron target. Recent results, for which Schellman's student Geralyn "Sam" Zeller received the 2003 Tanaka Dissertation Award from the American Physical Society, compared the weak couplings of the W and Z vector bosons.
  • The Fermilab D0 experiment collides protons and antiprotons at the highest energies currently available. The experiment's highlights have included the discovery of the top quark, probably the last of the fundamental spin-½ particles left to discover. Her main scientific interest in this experiment is the novel strong and weak interaction effects that can be discovered in an experiment at such high energies. Graduate students working with Schellman on D0 are studying the production and decay of weak vector bosons. Such studies can reveal the mass and decay with of the W boson and the weak couplings of quarks. They also provide information on the strong interactions and the quark content of the proton. She is also interested in future high-intensity neutrino experiments and the relation between cosmology and high-energy physics.

Honors and Awards

  • Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
  • Outstanding Junior Investigator, Department of Energy
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society

Selected Publications

  • V.M. Abazov, et al.
    Measurement of sin2θW(eff) and Z-light quark couplings using the forward-backward charge asymmetry in p-pbar to Z/γ* to e+e- events…
    Physical Review D84, 012007 (2011)
  • V.M. Abazov, et al.
    Measurement of the W boson Mass
    Physical Review Letters 103,141801 (2009)
  • V. M. Abazov et al., D0 Collaboration.
    Measurement of the electron charge asymmetry in p p-barà W + X à e n + X events at sqrt(s) = 1.96-TeV
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 211801 (2008). arXiv:0807.3367 hep-ex
  • T.Andeen et al., D0 Collaboration
    The D0 experiment's integrated luminosity for Tevatron Run IIa’
  • G. Zeller, et al.
    A Precise determination of electroweak parameters in neutrino nucleon scattering
    Physical Review Letters 88, 091802 (2002)
  • B. Abbott et al., D0 Collaboration
    The inclusive jet cross section in p p-bar collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.8 TeV
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 82, 2451-2456 (1999). arXiv:9807018 hep-ex.
  • C.Albright et al., S. Geer and H. Schellman editors
    Physics at a Neutrino Factory
    FERMILAB-FN-0692. Aug 2000. 133 pp. arXiv:0008064 hep-ex
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