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Physics and Astronomy

Two physicists in a research lab

Faculty and Research

Our research employs an broad range of theoretical and experimental approaches to understand the fundamental nature of the universe.
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Seminars and Colloquia

See our weekly seminars and colloquia throughout the academic year.
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Dearborn Observatory

Dearborn Observatory

Visitors are invited to tour the Observatory every Friday night. 


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News and Events


Open Faculty Positions

The Department of Physics & Astronomy is currently searching in the field of theoretical biological physics or complex systems physics.  We are also seeking to hire a multi-year non-tenure eligible Assistant Professor of Instruction.

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Colloquium: TBA: TBA

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Evanston

TBA   Seminar Speaker:   Host: Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Seminar, Colloquium

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Profs. Halperin and Sauls Publish Results on Superfluid Helium-3, work that was recognized last year in their receipt of the Fritz London Memorial Prize.
Gabrielse group publishes improved limit on the electric dipole moment of the electron
Takashi Nishikawa Elected APS Fellow
Congratulations to Professors Dahl, de Gouvea, and Velasco on receiving a Fundamental Physics Innovation Award

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