Date Title Time Where Speaker
Monday, April 21 Parton Distribution Function benchmarking and LHC applications 4:00 PM Tech F160 Dr. Jun Gao
Southern Methodist University
Wednesday, April 23

The Hubble Constant and Dark Energy

4:00 PM Tech L211 Prof. Adam Riess
Johns Hopkins University
Thursday April 24 Microscopic Origin of Emergent Collective Behavior of Macroscopic Systems  2:00 PM Tech L361 George William Hill
Rutgers University
Thursday April 24 1D-1D Coulomb Drag Signature of a Luttinger Liquid 4:00 PM Tech F160 Professor Guillaume Gervais
McGill University
Friday, April 25

Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe

4:00 PM Ryan Auditorium Prof. Adam Riess
Johns Hopkins University
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April 18, 2014