Date Title Time Where Speaker
Monday, October 20th Detecting Boosted Dark Matter from the Sun with Large Volume Neutrino Detectors 4:00 pm Tech F160 Josh Berger
Tuesday, October 21st

Tracing the Mass Flow in Clustered Star Forming Regions

4:00 pm Tech F160

Rachel Friesen
Dunlap Institute, University of Toronto

Wednesday, October 22nd

Gate-tunable Josephson junctions at the LaAlO$_3$ - SrTiO$_3$ interface 


Modeling Black Holes within Dense Stellar Clusters

12:00 pm Tech F160

Varada Bal
Northwestern University 


Carl Rodriguez Northwestern University

Thursday, October 23rd Condensed Matter Seminar: TBA 4:00 pm Tech F160


Friday, October 24th What’s the Matter with the Universe? 4:00 pm Tech L211

Enectali Figueroa-Feliciano

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October 21, 2014