Date Title Time Where Speaker
Thursday, August 28th Special Condensed Matter Seminar: "Spintronics: from coupled spin chains to graphene nanoribbons and molecular spin systems" 4:00 pm Tech F160

Dr. Mehdi Zarea
Northwestern University

Monday, September 15th Qualifier Exam - E&M 9:00 am Tech F160  
Tuesday, September 16th Qualifier Exam - QM 9:00 am Tech F160  
Wednesday, September 17th Physics and Astronomy New Student Orientation TBA TBA  
Thursday, September 18th The Graduate School New Student Orienation 8:30 am Pick-Staiger Concert Hall and Norris University Center  
Friday, September 19th Qualifier Exam - CM/SM 9:00 am Tech F160  
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August 22, 2014