Date Title Time Where Speaker
Monday, October 27th Using Random Forests to Classify WW and ttbar events 2:00 pm Tech F160 Michael Schmitt, Northwestern University
Monday, October 27th Can neutrino-induced photon production explain the low energy excess in the MiniBooNE experiment?  4:00 pm Tech F160

Dr. Xilin Zhang, Ohio University and Fermilab

Tuesday, October 28th

The Role of Computation in Astrophysical Plasma Dynamics

4:00 pm Tech F160

Professor James Stone, Princeton University

Thursday, October 30th

The Genetics and Biophysics of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT): Can Theory Help Cancer Biology?

2:00 pm Tech F160

Herbert Levine,
Rice University

Thursday, October 30th Promise of 2D Materials 4:00 pm Tech F160

Dr. Saptarshi Das, Argonne National Laboratory

Friday, October 31st Exposing the limits of time reversal with nuclei 4:00 pm Tech L211

Bira van Kolck, University of Arizona

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October 24, 2014