Declaring a Major/Minor

Weinberg students must officially declare a major before the end of sophomore year.

Here are the steps to declare a major or minor:

  • Go to the Physics and Astronomy department office- Technological Institute F165 (2145 Sheridan Rd.)
  • Get a Declaration of Major or Declaration of Minor form at the department office.
  • Fill out the form, remembering to choose a concentration if declaring a major
  • Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or another department or program adviser to discuss your interests and academic program, and get the form signed.
  • Drop the form off at the Weinberg Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising (1922 Sheridan Rd.). You will be asked to set up a meeting with your College Adviser.

Changing your major, minor or concentration is also easy; just submit a new form with the new information.