Assistant Prof. Eric Dahl discusses a bubble chamber prototype with a prospective graduate student.

Graduate Study

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers three advanced degrees:

  • The Ph.D. Programs include a thorough academic training based on a core curriculum and a set of electives, followed by original research work in either Physics or Astronomy.
  • The Masters Program provides students with an extensive education in physics without requiring research.

Chair of PhD Admissions
Professor Mayda Velasco
Phone number: 847-467-7099
Office: Technological Institute F119

Director of PhD Study in Physics
Professor Brian Odom
Phone number: 847-467-5452
Office: Technological Institute F411

Director of PhD Study in Astronomy
Professor Fred Rasio
Phone number: 847-491-7904
Office: Technological Institute F213

Director of the Master's Program and Master's Admissions
Professor Melville Ulmer
Phone number: 847-491-5633
Office: Dearborn 3B