Areas of Research

Theoretical Astrophysics and Observational Astronomy
Galactic black holes and magnetic fields, accretion disks, gravity waves, interstellar medium, extrasolar planets
Complex Systems and Biological Physics
Neural networks, protein-DNA interactions, chaotic fluid flows, liquid interfaces
Condensed-Matter Physics: Theoretical and Experimental
Calculational materials physics, nonlinear and quantum optics, ultra-low-temperature physics, nanoscale physics, thin films, superconductivity, NMR studies
Particle Physics: Theoretical and Experimental
Neutrinos, dark matter, charm mesons, new physics and the standard model at the LHC, QCD and electroweak physics, lepton flavor, low-energy tests of fundamental symmetries
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Atomic and molecular trapping and cooling, coherent control, applied optics, quantum computing and cryptography, precision tests of the standard model
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January 7, 2016