Notices for 2017-18

The 9am section of 135-1/2/3 (Fall/Winter/Spring) is intended for prospective physics majors and minors, and for others who want to learn physics in greater depth. Permission is required and may be obtained from Yassaman Shemirani.

Phys 211-1/2 (Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences) has been renumbered to Phys 311-1/2 and will be offered in Fall and Winter. These two quarters are considered the equivalent of three Math courses (Math 240/250/351) for the purpose of the physics major. If you are working towards a second major that requires any of these three Math courses, but would prefer to take Phys 311, please contact the Physics DUS for advice or assistance.

The Phys 333-1/2 (Electricity and Magnetism) sequence will be offered as usual (winter and spring) in 2017-18. However, Phys 333-2 will be taught again in fall 2018 for those who would rather not take Phys 333-2 and 339-2 in the same quarter. After that, the 333 sequence will be regularly offered in spring (-1) followed by fall (-2).

Phys 337-0 is now "Physics of Condensed Matter" and will cover a variety of current topics. It will be offered in spring 2018. The prerequisites have been reduced: only Phys 339-1 or equivalent is required. This will allow students the option to take Phys 339-1 followed by Phys 337-0 in the same year.